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Patricio Estrella, Bob Esponja's best friend, is rather obsessed with catching all the jellyfish in the ocean. Shall we hunt jellyfish with him? At the Cazamedusas de Patricio, we join the starfist in one of his most fun adventures. Get onto one of the most striking attractions in the whole of NickelodeonLand, the territory of the Nicktoons at MAP.

This kids' attraction consists of evasive jellyfish who wobble and scurry around trying to outwit Patricio. Imagine you're in the submarine city where our friends live, Fondo de Bikini: surrounded by corals, bubbles, in the middle of the oceat... And hold on tight, because the jellyfish will start moving soon.

As your jellyfist spin around and mix with their pals, making you think you're going to crash into them, you and your family will experience a genuine swirling. Everything is under control except the laughs. Will Patricio manage to catch any jellyfish? Whatever happens, your family's going to have a great time.

Children under 120 centimetres must be accompanied by an adult.

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