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Maximum Height
140 cm
Minimum Height
90 cm

All kinds of things happen to the Rugrats. On this occasion, on getting into the house of the Guardabosques they've found some brilliant coches de choque (surprise!). You already know the intrepid babies: Tommy Pickles, the twins Lil and Phil, Chuckie Finster and tiny Dil are waiting for your. By the way, don't let the "innocent" cousin Angélica fool you (she'll do anything to get some biscuits!).

Ready? Join this gang of babies, the best fun in the whole of NickelodeonLand, at the MAP. Climb on board the funniest coches de choque! By the way, will you be able to drive without crashing? You'll find it hard, as the others will be trying to bump you, obviously. And keep calm: these fun vehicles are suitable for the youngest in the house.

Well, now we've told you what you need to know. Now, choose your favourite minicar (there are lots of colours, look closely at the circuit), get on board and try to drive. You'll be the champion if you manage to dodge all the others, though we can tell you now that crashing is the best fun! When you're coming out, make sure you get a photo with the grandfather, who's nodded off without noticing this new Rugrats adventure...

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