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This is one of the most popular places for young kids in NickelodeonLand and is beside the Nickelodeon Café. From its terrace you can hear the laughs, shouts and leaps of kids and adults at Juegos de Agua, an installation that causes a great stir for Park visitors in summer. There's no way of getting the kids to come out!

This refreshing zone recreates the Fondo de Bikini (City of Bikini Bottom, in the original English), an underwater city where the characters in Bob Esponja live; you'll spot the impressive Piña de Bob right next to the Juegos de Agua. Have fun with your little ones as you run among the corals and try to avoid the jets of water. You'll definitely get soaked to the skin!

It is compulsory to have footwear at this attraction, as the floor can get slippery. This is a space devised for kids, although they must always be under the supervision of an adult.

Have a great time with Bob Esponja, and come to the Juegos de Agua!

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