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Minimum Height
90 cm

Dora is always travelling. Would you like to join one of her expeditions? Bet you would! Climb on board one of our beautiful jeeps and go into the forest, where there are lots of surprises...

The adventure of Dora la Exploradora starts at Big Yellow Station, a striking building which is no more than a bright yellow construction, but surrounded by flowers and the fantastic vegetation that makes up the MAP. You can easily find it in the NickelodeonLand zone. At the attraction, kids and their families will have the inestimable help of Mapa, an indispensable character in the stories of the girl: the one who helps her to find her way.

The Aventura de Dora is an enchanting attraction where you'll be seeing smiling trees, funny bushes and pretty flowers all the time.

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kids under 100 cm

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