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Minimum Height
140 cm

La Jungla is a theme trip by boat through the green heart of the forest. You can see the native tribes who live there and the animal species living in the wild and the temples where the humans make all kinds of sacrifices... Myths and legends, ancient cultures and a host of details is what you'll find on this trip in the Tranquillity zone.

The channel of this jungle was part of the first generation of attractions at the Madrid Amusement Park. During its long history, we have remodelled it from time to time though without changing its name (as it is one of the classics of the Park). Its rustic wooden boats inbite us to discover other more primitive communities, and the way of life in the tropical forest, this is an educational and very relaxing journey on which as the river winds you can hear the sounds of the animals that inhabit the jungle (gorillas, rhinoceroses, monkeys, elephants...).

The run through La Jungla is extremely slow so that you can enjoy the wjole theme of the channel, the exotic environment and the presence of the animals. Acoustic and visual effects on a trip where the special figure of John Clayton will accompany you. Sound familiar? It's Tarzan!


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