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Maximum Height
195 cm
Minimum Height
120 cm
80 km/h

Spectacular free fall from a 63 metre height at 80 km/h.

The best way to This installation, brought from the USA, gives you the privilege of feeling in free fall at 80 km/h from a height of 63 metres. The intense sensation lasts barely 2 seconds: The best way to try bungee jumping safely without leaving Madrid

Until the arrivalof the Star Flyer, La Lanzadera let you reach the highest point of the Amusement Park and offered some spectacular views. Indeed, the programme Tal Cuál, on Antena 3, went up to the top last January to see and film the great snowfall that Madrid experienced.

Recommendations: not suitable for heart patients, do not carry personal items on you like glasses, mobiles, etc: enjoy the beautiful view of our city from a great height, and do it as often as you can.

Attraction not recommended for people with back problems, hypertension, pregnant women or those with heart conditions.

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