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Maximum Height
195 cm
Minimum Height
125 cm
43 km/h

A giant automated disc which makes horizontal movements of up to 180º as it turns around its own axis.

Have you ever dreamed of climibing up the giant pendulum of an enormous clock? Now you can try it with this attraction: the automated giant pendulum And in addition with two simultaneous turns: around its own axis and vertically. A swing was never so much fun nor moved so much, as this one has an arc of 180º and makes people feel dizzy, lose their sense of direction and nearly faint.

Recommendations: do not eat before going up; keep your eyes fixed on one point; not suitable for those with delicate stomachs, and freshen yourself up afterwards to recover your sense of orientation. Attraction not recommended for people with back problems, hypertension, pregnant women or those with heart conditions

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kids under 100 cm

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