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Minimum Height
110 cm

Huge, refreshing water roller coaster with a great drop of 56 metres. Although it is the last of the zone (geographically speaking) it is one of the most enjoyable in the whole Park. You'll climb on board a boat that climbs a great mountain 56 metres high (from which there's a great view, including part of the Casa de Campo) and when you're least expecting it, you plunge down into a lake full of water. When the boat lands, there'll be a great wave that won't spatter you... it'll soak you to the skin! Recommendations: bring spare clothes, and don't get changed until you're sure you're not going to do it again, and if you get wet, smile.

Ah! And don't forget a photo: the expression will be one to keep.

Attraction not recommended for people with back problems, hypertension, pregnant women or those with heart conditions.

Children under 1.20 m must be accompanied by an adult.

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kids under 100 cm

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