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Minimum Height
90 cm

Botas, the pet who is the inseparable companion of Dora la Exploradora, is ready to start a very special trip: eight great balloons are waiting for him. And you too, if you like. Los Globos Locos spin around an axis. The circle above the axis holding the balloons also turns round, but in a wavy motion... it's a fantastic trip!

You have to fly in a balloon at least once in your life. You've never been in a balloon? What are you waiting for then? NickelodeonLand, the kids' area of the MAP, wants to help you make what's probably one of your dreams come true: flying in a balloon as though it were a real one.

From this kids' attraction you're going to enjoy a different perspective on the Park. The bright colouring of the aircraft, the nice spins they make as they go up and down... turn this machine into one of the most entertaining in the Park.

Kids under 90 centimetres must be accompanied by an adult (the minimum age is four years)

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