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Buttons, levers and gigantic magnets in an enormous tower. This is what you'll see at the entrance to Nickelodeon, in the Madrid Amusement Park. Would you like to know what it's about? It's Jimmy Neutron's latest invention! It's a magnet he's devised along with the help of his robot dog, Goddard. An impressive machine based on magnets: you'll feel opposing forces that help to release your adrenaline.

See Jimmy Neutron's latest invention, and you'll see how as you go up, the force of gravity makes you experience strong emotions; and just when you think you can't stop, its impressive magnet will make you rebound! In addition, from the top of this kids' attraction you can glimpse all the attractions of NickelodeonLand, Butterfiles in your stomach are more than guaranteed!

The Magneto de Jimmy Neutron is an attraction for the whole family (the two outside seats are intended for accompanying parents). Don't forget to get a photo of yourself with Magneto and Goddard! You'll find them at the entrance to the attraction.

Children under 90 centimetres must be accompanied by an adult.

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