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The Padrinos Mágicos are the best help a kid of 10 can have, and in this case the lucky guy is Timmy Turner and whenever he wants, his Padrinos Mágicos Cosmo and Wanda make his most fun dreams come true.

This time he's asked to be turned into an expert and fearless pilot, and thanks to his special godparents, the dream has come true!
Suddely a complete runway full of fun details has appeared, and even the Padrinos Mágicos themselves have turned into planes!

Climb on board the Padrinos Voladores, a novel family attraction consisting of a trip through the air with a winding descent that turnis it into an adventure that's almost real.
It is an upside-down roller coaster where the latest aeroplanes will delight the smallest in the house. A fun trip around the aerodrome is guaranteed.

In the Padrinos Voladores planes, the kids will feel the verrtigo and enjoy it like never before. For the most intrepid!

Children under 1.05 m must be accompanied.

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