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Maximum Height
195 cm
Minimum Height
110 cm
23 km/h

Those who love panoramic view can't miss it.

We were going to present this attraction as ideal for enjoying the views of the Casa de Campo and Madiid, as it's probably the best attraction for a 360° panorama of the best places in the city. Nevertheless, a Park that has Abismo, La Lanzadera, Tarántula, Tornado and a Star Flyer (in 2010), could be sticking its neck out in saying which has the best views.

In Rotor, you will go up in one of 28 gondolas that sway and spin at a height of 32 metres. You'll get an eagle's-eye view of the whole of the Casa de Campo, and the most famous landmarks in Madrid. From the Parque del Oeste and the lighthouse at Moncloa to the new skyscrapers you can glimpse in the background. And as it's a 360° view, you can't miss the view of the SIerra de Madrid, and above al the Sierra de Guadarrama, now a national park, one of the places in Madrid that you must't miss if you're visiting. If you come in spring, you will still be able to see the snowy caps of Guadarrama and Navacerrada.

Anyone under 1.40 m must be accompanied by an adult.

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