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Minimum Height
120 cm
45 km/h

The Parque de Atracciones de Madrid presents STAR FLYER, the most dizzying attraction at this time.

With its 80 metres of height, equivalent to a 25-storey building and capacity for 24 passengers who fly at 45 km/h, this novel attraction is full of surprises. These are flying chairs of the latest generation with one great difference that will leave everyone with their mouths open from the first moment: the height. Star Flyeris a family attraction full of excitement.

Its 12 double seats ascend at 2.5 metres per second as they spin, giving a sensation of flying, and with the Amusement Park and the city of Madrid under your feet. The theme of the Star Flyer decoration has echoes of the ""Platillo Volante"", the attraction it replaced, which has now gone and was the best-known symbol of the Amusement Park, and at the highest point of the main avenue of the Park, was photographed millions of times as a souvenir by visitors from its inauguration in 1969. For this reason, Star Flyer, which is in the same place, is crowned by a flying saucer in honour of it.

Anyone under 1.40 m must be accompanied by an adult.

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