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Maximum Height
195 cm
Minimum Height
120 cm
44 kpm

At this attraction you can go up and balance as you turn around and you travel in the most fun way. A fun trip in which you reach a height of over 15 metres, and its seats are similar to those of a motorbike but with an automatic back harness that maximises the sensations.

Tifón could be considered similar to La Máquina but the adrenaline level and emotions are lower It's less gruelling, so if you have any doubts about La Máquina, try Tifón first. So, if you like Tifón, it will hook you for La Máquina.

Tifón also faces outwards, so as to minimise the possible sensation of giddiness that La Máquina can cause in some people. Likewise, the position and way of sitting distinguish two attractions which at first glance could appear similar but each is unique in its own way.

Attraction not recommended for people with back problems, hypertension, pregnant women or those with heart conditions.

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kids under 100 cm

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