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Get on our legendary and historic carousel, made in France in 1927. It is the fairground's indisputable jewel in the crown. This is the oldest attraction in the park and a real work of art. Handmade by craftsmen in wood, it is a thing of beauty and artistic value. Enjoy it with all the family.

Also known as 'La Pergola', it has recently been restored - the figures have been re-painted and any imperfection due to the passing of time of each of the little horses has been corrected. Don't miss this chance to go back in time with the 'Tiovivo' for a fun experience with the whole family. Immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of the early 20th century with melodies of the epoque.

Children under 1m 10 cm (about 3 feet seven inches) must be accompanied by an adult.


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