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Maximum Height
160 cm
Minimum Height
105 cm

Leonardo, Rafael, Michelangelo and Donatello are waiting for you at the MAP. And they have a challenge for you: learn to drive along the streets of New York. Will you be able to deal with such complicated traffic? At TMNT Licencia para conducir de las Tortugas Ninja you'll learn the rules for driving around the city from the most famous adolescent turtles in the world.

The Tortugas Ninja will help you to become the best driver in the city, but first you're going to watch a fun video with them (they know every inch of the sewers of NY!). This kids' attration in NickelodeonLand, has a special track for the little ones from four to six: there they get into the cars for an easy ride where their parents can see them.

Older children from seven to thirteen can enjoy a bigger track for ""experts"" like them. You have to show off your experience on four wheels. Take each curve carefully to get there first, dodging metro entrances and street stalls in the shadow of the skyscrapers. It's not at all easy!

As for the tracks, the heights and ages are the following: 

  • For the small track, the minimum height is 105 cm and the maximum 120 cm (four to six years old)
  • For the big one, the minimum height is 121 cm and the maximum 160 cm (seven to thirteen years old)

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