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Minimum Height
110 cm

Vértigo is a family roller coaster consisting of a single and surprising run in which you'll start at a height of 15 metres. You'll go sliding at top speed in a car along a trip of about 400 metres full of dizzying curves and spectacular changes of gradient.

The maximum capacity of Vértigo is 10 cars of 4 passengers each, ensuring that about 900 people can enjoy it per hour.

Although it's a modern attraction, did you know that it was about to be called 8 Picos because of its similarity with the legendary 7 Picos? Even so, they are two different types of attraction with different sensations, and so people were asked to vote for a name for the attraction on the Amusement Park website. The winning name was Vértigo.

At first glance, this might give the impression of being an attraction that's a bit ordinary, but we invite you to watch the on-ride video and see the 180-degree turns and changes of gradient.

Children of height between 110 and 140 cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Attraction not recommended for people with back problems, hypertension, pregnant women or those with heart conditions.


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kids under 100 cm

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