Arca de Caramelos

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Discover Arca de Caramelos, a sweet place full of magic.

Arca de Caramelos  will always surprise you. No matter how many sweets you’ve tried, you’ll find even more here! Get ready to discover a whole new world of flavours in your mouth. Arca de Caramelos: the sweetest place in the park! Arca de Caramelos offers a unique experience full of flavour. You’ll find it in the park’s Nature area. It’s the perfect place for those with a sweet tooth: chocolate bars, gummies of all kinds, snacks, sweets, ice cream and liquorice like you’ve never tasted before. You and your family will leave with some delicious memories.

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  • Products available

    • Souvenirs
    • Shopping Collection
    • Candies
    • Dolls and toys
    • Sweets
    • Ice creams
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