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Coches de choque Rugrats

Nickelodeon Land
Type of attraction
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 90 cm
Maximum height: 140 cm
Children between 90 cm and 100 cm accompanied by another minor who measures less than 140 cm
Accessible for people with disabilities
All Year
6 km/h
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Everything happens to the Rugrats.

Everything happens to the Rugrats. This time, when entering the house of the Forest Rangers they’ve found some extremely fun bumper cars (surprise!) You already know the fearless babies: Tommy Pickles, the twins Lil and Phil, Chuckie Finster and little Dil are waiting for you. By the way, don’t be taken in by the “innocent” cousin Angelica, she’ll do anything to get a few biscuits for herself! Ready?

Join this band of babies, the most entertaining in all NickelodeonLand at the Parque de Atracciones de Madrid. Climb aboard the funniest bumper cars! By the way, will you be able to drive without crashing? It’s going to be difficult, they’re going to try to bump into your car for sure. And keep calm: these charming vehicles are adapted for kids. Well, now we’ve given you the advice you need. Now, choose your favourite mini car (there´s loads of colours, take a better look at the circuit), climb into it and try to drive. You’ll be the best if you manage to dodge your friends, although we’ve already told you, bumping is the most entertaining! When you leave the ride, take advantage to have your photo taken with the grandpa, who’s fallen asleep without hearing about this new Rugrats adventure...

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Access to this ride is forbidden for pregnant women, people with heart problems, back ailments or health conditions that may be aggravated.

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