Simulador Virtual

Type of attraction
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 122 cm
Maximum height: 198 cm
Disability Access
All Year
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Experience reality first hand!

On the Simulador Virtual you have the opportunity to attend a film screening where you’ll be the protagonist of the story. The films shown at the Virtual Simulator, due to being filmed with a subjective camera, will make you feel like you’re the main character and that you’re experiencing a real situation. In addition, during the course of this ride, the stimulation systems will be activated, with which you’ll note slight movements in the seats so that your experience is more exciting and 100% authentic. Do you know what’s the best thing? That it doesn’t matter where you sit because in any seat of the auditorium you’ll feel that you, and only you, are the star of the film.

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Access to this ride is forbidden for pregnant women, people with heart problems, back ailments or health conditions that may be aggravated.

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