Type of attraction
 Roller coaster
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 120 cm
Maximum height: 195 cm
Accessible for people with disabilities
Accepted Fast-Passes
 Pass Gold
 Pass Silver
 One Shot
70 km/h
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25-metre high rollercoaster with 360º turns!

Tarantula is part of the great themed rollercoasters at the Parque de Atracciones de Madrid. On this spectacular 25-metre high rollercoaster you’ll experience unpredictable 360º turns (spinning), thanks to the car’s built-in moving axis, throughout the 700-metre-long ride which will cause a feeling of liberty and total weightlessness.

From the access area you’ll be able to enter the tarantula’s lair and you’ll go at 70 km/h through a large labyrinth set in the life of this arachnid. Recommendations: not having vertigo, being a lover of strong emotions and above all being a friend of arachnids, especially tarantulas.

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Access to this ride is forbidden for pregnant women, people with heart problems, back ailments, lower limb amputations or health conditions that may be aggravated.


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Make the most of your visit with Speedy pass!