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Horror Cinema 'Director's Cut'

From 10:00 to closing time
Step beyond the movie screen in Horror Cinema Director’s Cut

Since they exist, people go to the movies to live exciting experiences and watch overwhelming stories, though always from the comfort of their seats, safe and sound. But can you imagine being able to step beyond the screen and experience horror cinema firsthand, like never before? That is exactly the experience you will live in Horror Cinema "Director's Cut", where you will submerge int the movie and become a part of it. A piece of advice: do not be too trusting and tread very carefully in this mysterious Horror Cinema "Director's Cut" screening room. Spooky fun!

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Horror experience included with the park entrance ticket and exclusive to the Halloween season. LIMITED CAPACITY. To guarantee the security measures against Covid-19 established by Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, you will only be able to access this ride if you make a reservation in advance, which you must obtain on the day of your visit at the ticket office located in the wooden house on Avenida de las Cascadas. It is mandatory that at the time of booking all the people who are going to enter are together (up to a maximum of 8 people per shift). This ticket office will open 1 hour before the opening of the passage and will close once the tickets are sold out.

Please follow and comply with the health and safety regulations against Covid-19. Together, we can stop it!

Still not bought your ticket?

Still not bought your ticket?