Discounted tickets for children, elderly people, large families and people with disabilities

From 24-02-2023 to 07-01-2024
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More fun, at a lower price. Discover our discounted tickets.

We also offer discounted tickets on a permanent basis under certain conditions. However, these tickets cannot be combined with any other kinds of discounts,  offers or promotions (aside from the discount for booking in advance), so to qualify you will need to book at the general rate. The discounted tickets are available for people from 100 to 140 cm tall, for people between the ages of 60 and 64 and for large families. You will need to show your ID to staff at the park entrance, and large families will need to show a valid card. Discounted tickets are also available for people with a disability of 33% or more. The person accompanying the person with disability will also gain free entry if they come to the park at the same time. You will need to show valid accreditation to staff at the park entrance, with either a disability card or some other form of official document confirming your disability. Upon entry, the person with disability and their accompanying person will have priority access to all the rides in the park. They will be given wristbands and will need to use the rides together in order to gain priority access.

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Still not bought your ticket?

Still not bought your ticket?