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Prepare your visit Halloween Season main Prepare your visit Halloween Season main

Discover Halloween at Parque de Atracciones de Madrid!

Spend the most terrifying, unforgettable  and spooky day.

The best Halloween in Parque de Atracciones Madrid

A Halloween for everyone

Would you like to spend an unforgettable and terrifying Halloween with your family or friends? You cannot even imagine what we have in store this year to surprise you. You will live an amazing Halloween!


From October 2 to November 1, 2021, you will be able to experience Halloween at Parque de Atracciones Madrid. Will you be brave enough to live this terrifying experience?

Special Halloween

This year you cannot miss Halloween, our spookiest season with shows, terror passages, street animation and a spectacular atmosphere in every corner. We are waiting for you at Parque de Atracciones Madrid to put you to the test. Will you overcome the challenge of living our Halloween?

Halloween Parque Atracciones Madrid

Halloween at Parque de Atracciones Madrid

  • Asylum: beware of the patients at Asylum psychiatric center, because they have taken control of the madhouse. Do not let your guard down for a second, because when you least expect it, one of them may appear! Will you survive to tell the story, or will you succumb to madness? (**) (***)
  • El viejo Caserón: dare to go through this passage with courage and bravery, enjoy its amazing atmosphere and scenery. At first, you will feel fear, but then you will panic! Many are the stories and legends heard about El Viejo Caserón, do you dare to find out which ones are true? (***)
  • Nosferatu: it is said that the last thing Van Helsing's Secret Order found was a burrow of one of the most bloodthirsty vampires in history. Dare to discover what secrets Nosferatu is hiding and get ready to feel real chills! (***)
  • Horror Cinema Director's Cut: can you imagine being able to step beyond the screen and experience horror cinema firsthand? Do not be too trusting and tread very carefully in this mysterious Horror Cinema "Director's Cut" screening room. Spooky fun! (***)
  • The Walking Dead Experience: experience the terror felt by the main characters of the TV show by visiting its most legendary locations, such as the Governor's house, Terminus Station, the prison or the hospital. Dare to enter and escape from the zombies! (*) (***)
  • El Laberinto (children's passage): if the little ones are visiting, you cannot miss El Laberinto! Face challenges and riddles to get out of it and beware of the magical creatures that live in it, they are very peculiar and do not help all the brave ones who dare to enter. (***)

(*) Not included with the entrance ticket.

(**) Terror passage not recommended for people under 16 or sensitive to explicit language.

(***) Due to the current situation and in order to guarantee the social safety distance, all terror passages will operate on a reservation system to be obtained on the day of the visit to the park. It is mandatory that at the time of booking all the people who are going to enter the passage are together (up to a maximum of 8 people per shift). The ticket offices will open one hour before the start of each terror passage until tickets are sold out. Check here the location of each passage and its corresponding ticket office.     

These are the shows and street animations that are waiting for you during Halloween at Parque de Atracciones Madrid

  • Dark Cabaret: the Gran Teatro Auditorio is hosting this Halloween the craziest and punkiest show ever seen on Parque de Atracciones Madrid, that will get you heart racing! Come and let yourself be seduced by this Cabaret that will bring out your darkest side. (*)
  • La banda de los muertos: live the most amazing musical experience in a concert with classic mariachi and electro/pop songs in which the goal of “Los Muertos” will be to try to win fame and applause from the audience. The best show for the whole family, fun guaranteed!
  • Patrulla Canina: the Patrulla Canina musical awaits the whole family to bring out your biggest smiles at the Gran Teatro Auditorio, with an amazing show in which your kids will enjoy their favorite characters full of energy and action.
  • Zombie Hop: this Halloween zombies have risen from their graves… feeling like shaking the skeleton! Let yourself go by 80’s music and dance with the living dead on the streets of Parque de Atracciones Madrid.
  • El barco de Bob de Halloween: sponge Bob does not want to miss out on your visit on Halloween, so he rides through the streets of Parque de Atracciones Madrid on his fabulous boat with a new spooky look. Do not forget to say hello when you see him!
  • Bienvenida Nickelodeon: do not miss the chance to meet some of your favorite Nickelodeon characters and the Batán and/or main entrance. 
  • Meet&Greet Nickelodeon: some of your favorite Nickelodeon characters want to greet you in person and take a picture with you. They will be waiting on the Nickelodeon stage!

(*) Show not recommended for people under 16 or sensitive to explicit language or provocative images.

VIP experiences

Still don’t know about our VIP experiences? This Halloween season we recommend you the VIP Horror Experience and the VIP Super Horror Experience. Check all the information and live the most VIP Halloween!

Do you need a break to recover from all the adrenaline? Parque de Atracciones Madrid offers a wide variety of restaurants with a wide gastronomic offer and, if you prefer a quick solution so that you don’t waste a second of your visit, the Express Menu is what you are looking for!

Terror Passages

El Viejo Caserón

El Viejo Caserón

Horror Cinema Director's Cut

Horror Cinema Director's Cut



Our Covid-19 protection measures

Our Covid-19 protection measures

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