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Nickelodeon Land

Nickelodeon Land is the most popular area for children, where their dreams come true. Kids can enjoy all the best children’s rides and popular Nickelodeon characters alongside their families. If SpongeBob Squarepants is your children’s favourite show, at Splash Bash they will be able to explore Bikini Bottom while shooting water at each other. Fun is guaranteed! After leaving  Spongebob’s home, you should pay a visit to Mermaid Man at Hero Spin, to help him rescue Barnacle Boy.  Manta Ray is controlling an evil robot that your kids will need to defeat to allow the superhero to win his battle. Enjoy meeting your favourite Nickelodeon characters at the Nickelodeon&Meet and Greet area. 

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Nickelodeon Land General Locations Parque de Atracciones de Madrid 2

The zone for Nickelodeon fans. Meet your favourite characters!

This is the perfect zone for Nickelodeon fans. Little kids and big kids alike will enjoy exploring different spaces where you can meet all your favourite characters, transporting everyone back to their childhood to enjoy some of the best attractions. We’re taking bets on who will have the best time in a zone where everything is possible.  

Head to Los Globos Locos to climb aboard with your little ones on an attraction that’s as classic as it is unmissable.   

A little later, in To the Forest with Diego, your little ones will hop on a bus from which they can enjoy a complete tour of  Nickelodeon Land. 

Ask your little ones what they think of the Rugrats. They might just want to take a spin on our bumper cars with Tommy Pickles, Dil or Angelica. Who drives best?  

At the next stop, Timmy Turner, Wanda and Cosmo become the Flying Godparents, to accompany you and your loved ones on your journey.  You can also go for a ride on the most exciting planes in the park!   

Continue your trip around Nickelodeon Park and visit the Ninja Turtles driving school. Your little ones can learn to drive on the streets of the Big Apple following the instructions given by Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Rafael. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Have you told your little ones that Jimmy Neutron has just invented the Magnet and wants you to try it? Or perhaps, you’ll accompany Dora on a new adventure, help Patrick hunt jellyfish or climb onboard the Nickelodeon Express: the train that travels all around this super fun area of the park.

After so much activity, you’ll surely be in the mood to sit down with family in the Nickelodeon Café or enjoy a snack from our Nickelodeon Snack kiosk. And if you want to take home some memories, stop by the Nickelodeon shop. As you can see, Nickelodeon Land is the perfect area for your kids. We await you in the park to enjoy an unforgettable and unrepeatable day!

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Don’t miss out on the must-sees for this season!