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Take a breather in this pleasant environment and enjoy the exciting rides, such as Star Flyer or La Jungla. This part of the park is ideal for families as it contains rest areas where you can relax in a space that is perfect for getting your energy back. But don’t think for a second that Tranquility only offers activities that are as relaxing as its name. Star Flyer is the tallest ride in the park. Get in one of the swings to rise 80 metres up to the top of the tower as you spin around the central axis. The view is as impressive as the sensations that you will experience. You can finish by trying Zeppelin, a classic ride that allows even the littlest members of the family to begin getting used to heights, bit by bit. 

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An area in which to recharge your batteries and let yourself go in total peace and quiet.

At Tranquillity you’ll find various attractions that offer a perfect balance between modernity and tradition. If you like cinema, excitement and technology, we recommend visiting the Virtual Simulator. Your seat will be connected to the actions you see in movies filmed from the characters’ point of view, and thanks to our huge panoramic screen, you’ll take on the starring role in all sorts of adventures

Have you always wanted to go on safari but don’t know how to suggest it to your family? Don’t worry, you’re sure to convince them in The Jungle. Hop onboard our boat to see realistic models of various animals in their natural habitat. The  faithful reproduction of the sounds of the forest  will amaze you just as much as the course we continue to improve season after season. Come and feel the call of the jungle within you or enjoy a coffee, ice-cream or slush before returning to feel the speed and vertigo shake you to the core. 

If you get peckish, visit the Gran Avenida buffet. There, you’ll find a select variety of options at an unbeatable price. Other options on offer are the delicious hot dogs at La Plaza, just beside the Star Flyer and Zeppelin. 

Before you leave Tranquillity, remember to pop in to our Main Shop to take home a lovely souvenir. And, on your way out, try the best ice-creams at the Fantasía kiosk, that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds. Without a doubt, Tranquillity will become one of your favourite areas of the park. Don’t forget to take a visit!

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Don’t miss out on the must-sees for this season!

Don’t miss out on the must-sees for this season!