Speedy Pass

Reduce waiting times and enjoy more of the attractions!

Is there anything better than enjoying our park? Yes, enjoying it non-stop!

With our Speedy Pass you can make the most of your visit. Do you want to know how it works? All you have to do is reserve your access to the attraction you want, queue virtually while you enjoy everything the park has to offer, and once your turn comes, enjoy it to the fullest! 

Until the day before your visit you can purchase your Speedy Pass through our website. If you prefer to do it the same day you visit us, buy it here or at the park's Customer Service Office.

Don't think twice, and make the most of your visit with our Speedy Pass.

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Discover the different types of Speedy Passes you can purchase to make your park experience even better.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the purchase process, you will only be able to purchase one type of Speedy Pass.

Unlimited use

Speedy Pass Gold

Pase Correcaminos

Speedy Pass Gold is the best way to enjoy your day at the park. Access the 15 attractions included in the Speedy Pass Gold as many times as you want, reducing the waiting time by 95%. You will be amazed!


ONE use

Speedy Pass Silver


Speedy Pass Silver will allow you to access the 15 included attractions reducing 95% of the waiting time just once per attraction. All you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.



Speedy Pass Family


Speedy Pass Family will allow you to access only once per attraction reducing 95% of the waiting time. All you have to worry about is enjoying your ride to the fullest.



How it works

Step 1: Login with your purchase email

To use your Speedy Pass, you must access this link, enter the email with which you made the purchase and create a password.

Step 2: Book your turn at an attraction

Activate your Speedy Pass. After that, you will be able to select the attraction you want to book. You can only book one attraction at a time.  

Step 3: Present the QR in the quick access

After the waiting time has elapsed, a QR code will appear. Enter the attraction through the Speedy Pass access and show the generated QR code to the operator and enjoy!


The attractions where you can enjoy your Speedy Pass Gold and Silver are:
  • Abismo
  • Aserradero*
  • La Jungla
  • La Máquina
  • Lanzadera
  • Los Fiordos*
  • Los Rápidos*
  • Rotor
  • Star Flyer
  • Tarántula
  • Tifón
  • TNT. Tren de la Mina.
  • Top-Spin
  • Tornado
  • Vértigo

*The water attractions during the season from November to March will be closed, so you will be able to enjoy:

  • Hero Spin
  • Sillas Voladoras
  • Zeppelin

If you have chosen the Family type, you will be able to enjoy the following attractions:

  • La Jungla
  • La Máquina
  • Hero Spin
  • Rotor
  • Star Flyer
  • Tifón
  • TNT. Tren de la Mina.
  • Los Fiordos*

*Water attraction closed from November to March. During these months you can enjoy Zeppelin.

Important information

The attractions of this service may vary due to organizational or operational changes.


In this FAQ section we help you to solve all your doubts about our digital Speedy Pass. We want that, when you come to our park, you only worry about enjoying our incredible attractions, saving waiting time.

  • How it works

    Para activar tu Pase Speedy Pass el día de tu visita debes seguir estos pasos:
    To activate your Speedy Pass on the day of your visit you must follow these steps:

    1. Access this link and log in with the same email address you used to make the purchase. You will need to create a password.
    2. Once you log in you will find the Speedy Passes you have purchased. You will need to activate them on the day of your visit to the park.
    3. Select from the list the attraction you want to reserve your access to.
    4. Once the counter reaches zero and turns green, go to the Speedy Pass entrance, wait your turn and present the QR code that appears on your screen to the operator.
    5. Once validated, enjoy your ride!
    6. You can now book your next attraction.
  • Can I activate all attractions at once?

    No. In order to reserve a seat at another attraction, you must first make use of the current reservation.

  • What happens if my cell phone battery runs out?

    You will be able to use your Speedy Pass from another mobile device. Accessing through this link to the platform, you will have to enter the e-mail and password set for the account, and you will be able to continue using your Speedy Pass.

  • If I go with more people, Can we use it at different times?

    Each user (e-mail) can manage up to 10 Speedy Pass. If you need more, you can purchase them in another purchase with a different email.

  • How many of us can use the Speedy Pass?

    As many people as Speedy Passes you have purchased.

  • Will I have immediate access to the attraction?

    All our Speedy Passes reduce waiting time by 95%.

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