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  • Communions

    The most original First Communion

    Parque de Atracciones Madrid offers you the chance to celebrate a unique and original First Communion that will amaze all of your guests.

    • We offer a wide range of quality menus, with homemade dishes prepared in our kitchen, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The menu price also includes admission to the park and unlimited access to all our rides and shows (except The Walking Dead Experience).
    • Our communion rooms, El Palenque and Gran Avenida, are unique and spacious and are also located right in the heart of the park, so once you’ve finished eating... IT’S TIME FOR FUN!
    • The child receiving their First Communion will also receive a Bronze Pass to Parques de Atracciones totally free and a surprise gift, which we will give them on the day of their communion*.

    *Provided there is a minimum of 20 diners. Both gifts will be given on the day of the celebration.

  • Tifón Menu

    Tifón communion menu

    €72/person (including VAT)

    • Vegetable platter and ventresca tuna in a pomegranate vinegrate, with spherical mango and roasted prawn
    • Hake and prawn cannelloni with cuttlefish sauce and courgette spaghetti
    • Blackberry sorbet with white chocolate sticks
    • Pork cheek with patatas panaderas and tempranillo sauce
    • Chocolate mousse with raspberries
    • Bread, drink, coffee and cava
  • Abismo Menu

    Abismo communion menu

    €77/person (including VAT)

    • Salmon tartar with tomato concassé, guacamole, fried onions and lemon sorbet with ginger
    • Cod millefeuille with prawn and crab velouté with chive pearls
    • Blackberry sorbet with white chocolate sticks
    • Guadarrama beef tenderloin with stuffed potatoes, cheese and roasted piquillo peppers
    • Coconut sponge cake with passion fruit mousse
    • Bread, drink, coffee and cava
  • Tiovivo Menu

    Tiovivo communion menu

    €81/person (including VAT)

    • Strawberry salmorejo with basil crystal cheese cubes and Modena pearls
    • Sea bream fillet with a chive crust, rhubarb gelée and potato purée
    • Blackberry sorbet and white chocolate sticks
    • Beef sirloin with mushroom micuit confit and a Pedro Ximénez wine reduction
    • Sachertorte
    • Bread, drink, coffee and cava
  • Zeppelin Menu

    Zeppelin communion menu

    €83/person (including VAT)

    • Iberian ham, Iberian sausage and cheese platter
    • Port-lacquered micuit bars with blueberry toast and fig jam
    • Sanlúcar prawns with two sauces
    • Blackberry sorbet with white chocolate sticks
    • Slow-cooked suckling pig shoulder lacquered with rosemary honey and served with a garnish
    • Chocolate millefeuille with orange mousse
  • Chase Menu

    Chase communion children’s menu

    €46/person (VAT included)

    • Pasta bolognese
    • Chicken supreme with potatoes
    • Chocolate truffle cake with ice cream
    • Bread and drink
  • Skye Menu

    Skye communion children’s menu

    €48/person (VAT included)

    • Cold and hot hors d’oeuvres
    • Suckling lamb chops with fries
    • Strawberry and cream cake with ice cream
    • Bread and drink
  • Marshall Menu

    Marshall communion children’s menu

    €50/person (VAT included)

    • Veal ravioli with vegetables in mushroom sauce
    • Beef tenderloin with fries (150 g)
    • San Marcos cake with ice cream
    • Bread and drink
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Complete your visit!