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A)   Certain attractions, shows, restaurants, shops and amusements may remain closed for technical, meteorological or organisational reasons.

B)   The value of the ticket or of the Bono Parques if applicable, is not refundable under any circumstances.

C)   The capacity of the Park theatres is limited.

D)   For safety reasons, certain attractions have access restrictions relating to age, height and physical condition. Please ask at the entrance to each attraction about the restrictions applicable.

E)   No pets are admitted into the Park area with the exception of guide dogs.

F)    Access to the Park with bicycles, roller skates or skateboards is not permitted.

G)   As a matter of good manners and respect towards others, it is not permitted to jump the queue or keep places in it for other people.

H)   As a matter of hygiene, good manners and respect towards others, during your stay in the Park, it is not permitted to remain in swimming costume, barefoot or bare-chested.

I)   The entry ticket or Bono Parques, if applicable, should be retained throughout your stay in the Park and shown to Park staff or security personnel on request. The Park reserves the right to expel any person within the Park who does not hold the corresponding valid Ticket or Bono Parques.

J)   Certain attractions, services, shows and amusements within the Park complex are not included in the entry price, For further information, please ask at the information point at the Park entrance.

K)   The Park does not have a public address system to issue personal messages.

L)   The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco are prohibited for persons under 18

M)   The consumption, sale or distribution of any kind of drug or narcotic on Park premises is prohibited. The Park shall immediately expel any person who breaches this rule and shall make the corresponding report to the authorities.

N)   Any kind of sale or the distribution of leaflets, advertising or products is prohibited on Park premises, unless expressly authorised by the Park.

O)   So that all our visitors can enjoy the attractions, at the end of the ride, the vehicle should always be left with the haste habitual to this kind of attraction. To use the attraction again, the existing queue must be respected.

P)   For safety reasons, the Park reserves the right for duly authorised personnel to inspect rucksacks, handbags, bags and any other kind of luggage in the circumstances and within the limits laid down by Law.

Q)   It is essential that Park visitors take good care of their personal effects: the Park shall not be responsible for their loss, theft, snatching or any damage they may suffer during the owner’s stay in the Park.

R)   There is a guide for disabled people at the disposal of our customers at the Information Office. This guide will facilitate the visit and reading it before visiting the Park is recommended. At the moment of ticket purchase, disabled visitors shall received a coloured bracelet that shall let them access the attractions and theatres of the Park with a companion, without joining the queue. Those disabled clients who hold a Bono Parques, and who therefore do not need to pass by the Ticket Office, may request their bracelet at the Information Office by the entrance.

S)   The “Speedy Pass” is a payment service that allows its holder to access, either a single time or on an unlimited basis (depending on the kind of Speedy Pass acquired), each of the attractions detailed on the reverse of the Pass directly, without needing to wait in the conventional waiting area. To make use of the Speedy Pass, the holder should access each attraction through the specially marked areas for Pass holders and must hand it to those responsible for the attraction, so that the latter may carry out the corresponding check. The Park shall not accept Passes that are not original, have expired, which are mutilated or otherwise so damaged as to lead to doubt about their authenticity, or those for which there appears to be evidence of fraud.

T)   It is prohibited to smoke in the queue areas, in covered areas and, above all, in the children’s area of the Park. All these zones are duly signposted. The Park reserves the right to expel any person from the Park who continues to breach this rule after having been asked to stop smoking by Park staff.

U)   Drone use is prohibited over the Park.

V)    It is banned the use of the camera extension devices, known as "selfie sticks", due to safety concerns. The Park reserves the right to expel any person from the Park who continues to breach this rule after having been asked to stop smoking by Park staff.

W)   In the picnic area there is a large terrace with tables and benches so that Park visitors may consume the food they have brought into the complex. The remaining terraces distributed throughout the Park are for the exclusive use of the customers who have acquired their food in any of the eating-places of the Park.

X)   Photographs are taken in this leisure park both, if you wish, at the entrance to the Park, and automatically at certain attractions. Likewise, there are duly accredited photographers who may take pictures of you during your visit, should you wish. The only purpose of these photos is to serve as a souvenir for visitors. The said photos shall be destroyed at the end of the day, and there is no possibility of recovering them. You can find out about where you can view or acquire the photographs at the Information Office or Ticket Office, or at the entrance to each attraction. In no case will photographs be sold to persons distinct from or not related to those who appear therein. If you have any queries or questions about this information, you may contact as by email at

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Park likewise reserves the right of admission and of expulsion from its installations, and without giving rise to any kind of entitlement to compensation, of persons who commit serious infractions of the rules listed below, or give rise to any of the following situations:

A)    Serious alteration in the order of the Park or its installations, or the commission of any criminal offence or misconduct

B)    Inappropriate use of Tickets or Bonos Parques (including fraudulent or misleading use, or any action in bad faith by the holder and/ or the resale or falsification of the same). Only Tickets acquired at the authorised points of sale shall be valid.

C)    Bathing in fountains or water attractions.

D)    Committing acts of vandalism or causing damage to the installations.

E)    Conduct that makes other visitors seriously uncomfortable or affects their enjoyment.