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You are hereby informed that this website (the “Website”) uses cookies. The Website Privacy Policy provides additional information to complement this Cookies Policy. The Website is owned by Parques Reunidos Servicios Centrales, S.A. which has authorised cookie use by the affiliate company Parque de Atracciones Madrid, S.A.U. (hereinafter, both companies jointly, “Data Controllers”).

This Website uses cookies to improve services provided by analysing your browsing habits and also to improve offers of services and/or products which you may find of interest.

Specifically, Data Controllers are responsible for processing browser data obtained from cookies. Specific information on how your personal data is processed can be found in our Privacy Policy.



A cookie is a small piece of data downloaded and stored on your device when you access specific applications or websites. Cookies are widely used to help applications and websites operate properly and efficiently, as they provide information to the application or website Data Controller. Among other aspects, cookies allow information about the user or device browsing habits to be stored and recovered. Also, depending on the data stored and how your device is used, cookies may be used to recognise and identify the end user, helping to improve the browsing experience and to provide services you request. Cookies can be “deactivated” or controlled from your browser and removed from your browser history - after visiting the website - if you prefer not to send copies to our systems.



Expiry related:

  • Session cookies: these cookies remain in your browser during a visit (i.e. until the browser is closed and the visit ended).

  • Stored or persistent cookies: these cookies remain in your browser even after the session has ended (if not deleted).

Activity related:

  • 'Performance' cookies: these cookies gather information on how the website is used. They do not collect any personal data and all data gathered is stored anonymously. Performance cookies are used to improve website operation.

  • 'Functionality cookies': these cookies help the website record information about choices you have made when using the website (e.g. changes to text size, website customisation, etc.)

Purpose related:

  • Strictly Necessary cookies: these cookies are required for basic website operation and activate basic functions such as browsing and accessing website secure areas. The website cannot work properly without these cookies.

  • Preferences Cookies: these cookies enable the website to record information that changes the way the website behaves or how it looks, e.g. your preferred language and region.

  • Statistics Cookies: these cookies help website owners understand how visitors interact with the website, collecting and reporting information anonymously.

  • Marketing Cookies: these cookies are used by website owners and third parties to offer the visitor more personalised advertising.

Provenance related:

  • Proprietary cookies: these cookies are activated by the website you browse (e.g. strictly necessary cookies).

  • Third party cookies: these cookies are cookies sent to the user device from a device or domain not managed by the website owners but by a separate entity that processes data changes from these cookies (e.g. statistics cookies and marketing cookies).


What type of cookies DO the WEBSITE data controllers apply?



Other ways to reject cookies CONFIGURATION

You can also remove or reconfigure cookies stored on your device and which necessarily require your consent, at a later date, by using the tools provided by your browser for the purpose.

Depending which type of browser you use, any of the following procedures may be used to manage or delete cookies, for example:

Google Chrome:


Internet Explorer:




Additional notes

The Website Data Controllers cannot be held liable if deactivating cookies impedes or hinders proper Website operation and correct or incorrect handling of cookies by the above browsers cannot be guaranteed.

Please be aware that in certain cases it may be necessary to install cookies so the browser does not forget your decision not to accept cookies.



This Cookies Policy may change according to cookies used.

The Website Data Controllers recommend you review this Cookies Policy each time you access this Website in order to be properly informed as to how and why cookies are used and to be notified of any changes that occur to the type of data collected and/or to the intended end purpose/s.

Lastly, if you wish to contact us regarding a problem related to cookie use on this Website, please use this email address: